Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Institute of Critical Zoologists - 27th April to 17th June

Another date for the calendar. Cardiff's Chapter Arts Centre have an exhibition coming up which opens next week co-curated by two ex-Newport students,  Lauren Jury and Helen Warburton, who graduated from Photo Art and Doc Phot respectively in 2008. 

The Institute of Critical Zoologists (ICZ) works with artists, scientists and researchers to develop a critical approach to the zoological gaze. Motivated by current ecological concerns, the heart of its practice addresses the human regard for animals as conveyors of meaning with values that are both culturally and politically specific. 
Taking factional environments as a starting point for quasi-factual scenarios, projects are realised as installations, photographic art works, archive material and expedition reports. The ICZ aims to test the role of art and photography in the dissemination of knowledge and acceptance of truths.
Chapter has worked in collaboration with the ICZ to present its first UK retrospective exhibition that interrogates the boundaries between the seen and the unseen, art and artifice, credence and fantasy; exploring methods of allegorical representation and interpretation.
In March 2012, ICZ artist Zhao Renhui undertook a residency at the National Museum Cardiff that has informed part of the research for this exhibition. An installation by the artist is open in the Natural History Galleries at the Museum between 13 March and 17 June 2012.  
Pauline J Yao writes, Zhao’s work "may be truthful depictions or artful fabrications, but it hardly matters: Zhao succeeds in proving that our assumptions about reality must be rigorously questioned if not, on occasion, fully abandoned". (Best of 2010, Art Forum)
There is a preview of the show on April 26th from 6pm-8pm so hopefully we'll see some of you there!


In other news...

Early this week on Thursday the monthly Photography Presentations at Newport's Le Pub started up again after the Easter break. We had a number of Italian visitors from Florence in attendance who are doing an exchange with a number of Doc Phot students. I hope they enjoyed the night and their visit to Newport as a whole!

The night was dominated by 3rd Year students showing a variety of projects and it served as a good reminder that the university's exhibition season is just around the corner. We on 2nd Year Photo Art are just about to start planning our end of year exhibition to be shown at The Riverfront in Newport which will open May 18th, and a few weeks after that it will be time for the graduate show(s?) from all three photography courses.

Watch this space for more information on when those shows will be.

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