Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Photo Art 2012 / 2013 Meet & Greet

It's the start of another academic year. There's a lot of post-summer catching up to do as well as the greeting of our new Freshers. So on Friday 21st September there will be a meet and greet with all current years of Photo Art followed by a drink and lunch at the Hanbury Arms. Hope to see everybody there!

Original message from Peter Bobby:
"I'd like to invite you all to a short all-course meeting (years 1, 2 and 3) on Friday 21st September at 1pm (last day of induction week), in B4 (Main Fine Art Space). It is essential that you attend this if you can as important information for the year will be corresponded in this session. It is also an opportunity to get everyone in one room at the same time, so there will be plenty of people to meet.

 After this, the plan is for all three years to venture down to the Hanbury in Caerleon for a welcome back drink and lunch. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet the 1st years and get to know some of those in the 2nd year a little better. Staff will of course be present on mass.

So just to recap:
1pm - All course meeting in B4 (Main Fine Art Space)
1.30pm - All move down to the Hanbury Arms in Caerleon

I think that's about it.
I hope you're all well
Best wishes

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